Low disk space warning

Low local disk space warning.

When there is not enough room left on your local disk, where your vault image is stored, you will see the following notification:


You’ll also see that you are unable to sync in your Dashboard, the status of the Vault that’s located on the disk with low local disk space will also change:


To get your Vaults syncing again, either free up local disk space, or move the Nomadesk image file to another disk (or partition) with more space.

Free up local disk space

Take a look on your local disk for any data, temp files,etc that you don’t need anymore and remove.  Remember to clean out your trashcan too.

Once you have freed up enough disk space, you have to wait a few minutes for a disk space check, or you can manually trigger the check.

1.  Open your Filecloud Dashboard.

2. Tools –> Options

3. Under Check for local free disk space click the Check Now button.


Move the Filecloud image file

1. Open your Dashboard

2. Click on the drop down menu next to your Vault name and select Properties.

3. Change the Data location path to the desired location.

Additional Remarks

The lowest (and default) setting for the threshold is currently 5% of free local disk space.  You can change this manually to 10, 15, 20  or 25%.

1.  Open your Filecloud Dashboard.

2.  Tools –> Options.

3.  Under Check for local free disk space, select the value that   you want from the drop down menu.