Having a Vault online only

If you don’t need a local copy of your Vault (due to space limitations, files that you don’t need to access to, etc) you can follow some steps to create a Vault and only have it online atmy.filecloud.no, without a local copy of the Vault.


Filecloud also allows you to connect to your Vaults via WebDAV.
That way you don’t need a local image file to access your data.
Please see our WebDAV FAQ-entry.


Create a new Vault (remember that you can create as many Vaults as you need for free).
Put the data in the Vault that you want to store online.
When the Dashboard shows “in sync”, all the data in the local Vault is also on my.filecloud.no
Next, remove the local copy of the Vault:

1. Open your Filecloud Dashboard.
2. Click on the icon next to your Vault.
3. Select remove.

This will remove only the local copy, not the Vault on my.filecloud.no

If you need access to the Vault later on, you can re-add it to your Dashboard or access the data directly via the web interface at my.filecloud.no